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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs 11 - The MallAfter the holidays, I went to the mall to take advantage of some of the
sales. As usual when I go to the mall, I went by the food court to the
men's room. I had seen a real tall chubby guy go to the men's room, and I
followed him in. He was standing at the urinal, and I stood at the one next
to him. No one else was around. He looked like he was almost 6'4 and was
as chubby as I was. I glanced over at him and saw he was stroking. I
licked my lips, and when he saw it, he turned to face me. I got on my knees
and started to suck his cock. He let out a soft moan. Just then the outer
door of the men's room opened, and I stood up just in time, and stood at the
urinal. He zipped up and walked out quickly.I followed him out of the rest room and caught up with him as he reached the
outer door to the parking lot. I asked him if he wanted to finish what we
started at my place. He hesitated, and I told him I would focus on pleasing
him. He said OK, and we went to my car. As we drove to the trailer park, I
felt his crotch through his jeans. He spread his legs so i could grope
him. When we got to my trailer, I told him how hot I thought he was, and
how much I wanted him. He stared in disbelief and said most guys just let
him suck them off and left. I told him, I thought he was hot and would do
anything he wanted. I led him to the bedroom, and he let me take off his
shirt and feel his semi hairy chest. I loved feeling his breasts, and when
I started sucking his nipples, he moaned even louder. I had him lift his
arms and I massaged his pits with my fingertips before I licked them. He
removed my shirt and sucked my tits as well. I massaged his stomach and
unzipped his jeans, leaving him in his white briefs. He did the same to me,
except his pulled down my briefs as well. He stroked my cock and started
sucking me.He let me take off his briefs, and I had him lie on the bed. I got between
his legs and sucked his hairy balls, and licked from his balls to his
asshole. He moaned in pleasure as I serviced him. He told me no one ever
did that for him before. When I asked him what he usually did with guys, he
said most guys didn't do much with him because he was fat. They usually
just has him suck their cocks and go. I asked if he liked what nude lolitas pay sites
I was doing
to him and he said "hell yeah." I sucked him long and hard, and his 5 inch
cock stood in the air. I got on smooth girl lolita preteen top of him and lowered myself onto his hard
cock. When I could feel his pubes against my cheeks, lolita little girl gallery i moved back and
fourth on his cock and up and down. He grabbed the sides of the mattress
tightly as I rode his cock. He started thrusting up into me. I played with
his breasts as I rode his cock, and leaned in and kissed him deeply.
I rode him faster and faster, and he warned me that he would cum if I didn't
stop. I clenched my cheeks around his cock as i rode him, and he started
thrusting in me faster, until I felt his warm eruption filling my ass. When
he was done, I lay beside him and he held me telling me how good it was. I
asked how old he was, and he told me he just turned 18. He rolled on top of
me and tongue kissed me as he ground his body into veary young lolita modles
mine. I told him he
could fuck me anytime he wanted. nude lolita of russia HE asked if he could fuck me again now. I
told him he could, and he pulled my legs up on my chest, and slid his still
hard cock into my ass. He fucked me long and slow, and I was his first
fuck. He stroked my cock as he fucked me. I wrapped my legs around him to
draw him into me closer. He started thrusting harder, and knew he was
close. I started to shoot my load on my chest, and as I did, he shot his
second load inside my ass. When he was done, he young pussy hot lol
licked my cum off my chest
and I sucked his cock clean. We lay on the bed for a while and he said he
had to get home so we got dressed and I took him back to the mall. I gave
him my number, and said he could call me whenever he wanted.He called me the next day and I picked him up at the mall. When we got to
my place, we stripped down and got into bed. It was so good to feel his
young naked body against mine. He had me lie back while he explored my body
with his tongue. He copied everything I did to him, and I wondered if he
was going to ride my cock. I didn't have to wonder long. He got on top of
me and lowered himself onto my hard cock. His ass was so tight and warm. I
told him to take his time, which he did. but when I was all the way inside
him, he started moving back and fourth on my cock. After riding me for a
few minutes, he got off me and sucked my cock. I shot my load in his
mouth. Before he could swallow, I told him to spit it out and rub his cock
with my cum. After he did it, I told him to fuck me. He slid inside me and
fucked me very tenderly. We were both shaking from excitement. I played
with his nipples and massaged his chest as he fucked me. It wasn't long
before he blew his load inside me. When he had to go, we wore each other's
briefs.We met like this for over a week. He seemed to have more self confidence.
Then one day he stopped calling me. I didn't see him for a few days, until
I was in the mall. I saw him with another guy, He introduced me to him as a
friend from school. He called me later, and and told me this was a guy he's
wanted all year. I understood and wished him well. I told him he could
still call me anytime. He never did.
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